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Hello Gorgeous,

I'm Nicole

Specializing in volume, hybrid and classic lash extensions. 

Nicole's favorite past time is shopping and will make sure you know about all the big sales at her favorite stores. She is a native of Massachusetts and loves the Red Sox. 

I became interested in lashes in cosmetology school. When I started lashing I fell in love with it and have made it my specialty.Nothing makes your eyes pop like long thick lashes.    

House Plants and Candle

Nicole's Services  

Classic Lashes 

 The most natural looking lashes. Extensions are placed in a one to one ratio onto your natural lashes.

Hybrid Lashes

Ready for a little more fullness than a classic set? Hybrid Lashes are a mix of classic one to one and volume. Volume lashes are fans of three lashes placed on one natural lash.

Lash Lift and Tint

Got great natural lashes? A lash lift will give them a little bend up and the tint gives them color to make them stand out. 

Fill In's

Two week maintenance on extensions



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