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Hello Beautiful, I'm Debra

Specializing in Invisible Bead Extensions and Natural Looking Color

Debra is an Invisible Bead Extension Platform Artist and Master Colorist. She specializes in creating the hair of your dreams, regardless of your hair's natural density, through the magic of IBE and natural looking hair color. 

I became a hair stylist because, at a young age I fell in love with the energy in a salon. I always wanted to go with my mom, even if it meant hours of just sitting and watching the stylist work. 

I knew that one day I wanted to have those powerful, fun connections with women day after day. 

I am fueled by my love of coffee and long walks with my pup. When I'm not in the salon I'm taking yoga classes, catching up on my favorite TV show or hanging with my kids.

I remember growing up, there were not a lot choices for hair color and they surely didn't look natural. You had your basic black, orange- red or yellow-blonde. As I started to gray I resisted coloring because I never wanted to look fake. I love creating natural looking dimensional colors that will leave everyone guessing.   

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