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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Extensions do you offer?

We exclusively offer Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE) is a  method of installing hand tied hair extensions that was developed by McKenzie Turley to help solve 3 major problems with most extension methods.

Damage, Discomfort and lack of styling options due to exposed beads, bonds or tape. IBE is the first and only patented hair extension method and can only be installed by Certified IBE Artist.

Interested in learning more about IBE? Click the link to read their Blog,

How much will my extensions cost?

The price varies greatly depending on your current length and thickness and your desired length and thickness. The cost is determined by how many rows and wefts I use to create the best blended results. You can estimate around $800 to $1000 for volume only and $2000 to $2800 for maximum length and thickness.  

How long will my extensions last?

With proper care the extension wefts will last up to 8 months. The wefts will have to be reinstalled at least every 8 weeks. Reinstall start at $150. per row.

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